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Transparency – Innovation – Motivation – Empathy



About us

The MM platform lifts ltd is a family run lift service and maintenance company started as a Subcontractor to well-known lift companies in the industry. Due to our vision of making a difference , we have established that we can serve both lift companies and direct clients to continue delivering an uplifting lifting experience.

Our dedication of being transparent and thoroughness makes us unique, we value time and quality where we provide a strong work ethic allowing us to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients.




Through my experience in the lift engineering sector, I visualised a gap where I can make a difference. I have put together all the knowledge I have gained as well as my passion to deliver an uplifting experience.











The MM missions

Our mission is to provide solution and to make the world a more accessible atmosphere. Be rest assured that we are dedicated on showing transparency and deliver passion, which will be the formula to create a long-lasting value and quality.






Having had the experience in the caring industry, I always visualise myself in someone else’s situation that helped us create a firm that cares, because when you care we care.



Our BRAND focus is delivering transparency and valuable work ethic that comes in within our passion with care. An excellent service provider based on delivering an outstanding customer focused service and our urge to exceed client’s expectation.


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